Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Process

We’re interested in your services. Where do we start?

The first step before anything else -- including price -- is determining my availability. "Are you available on the date of my event?" is always the first question to ask. Period. Because if I'm already booked or otherwise unavailable, everything else is immaterial. At that point, I'll provide contact info for other DJ/MC's who I know will do a nice job for you, and direct you their way.

So the first thing to do is to go to my online Events Calendar, navigate to your date, and see if I already have an event scheduled or if the date is marked "Unavailable". If you don't see anything occupying your date on the calendar, I'm almost certainly available (although you'll need to e-mail or call to confirm).

After seeing that your date appears available, then please thoroughly review my Rates & Policies to make certain I meet your budget requirements. Unlike the vast majority of DJ/MC's, I publish my straightforward rate structure online to allow prospective customers to immediately determine my fit with their budgetary requirements.

If we appear good on both your date and preliminary cost, e-mail or call me with more details so I can 100% confirm availability and exact cost. We'll then proceed to our next steps in the Booking Process which are detailed here.

Every other vendor we’ve dealt with for our wedding requires a deposit or pre-payment… and then there’s you. Why don’t you require a deposit?

Ah, the $64,000 question and the one thing that tends to drive potential customers nuts who don't know me or aren't familiar with how I operate.

I've just never been comfortable having money in my possession from people for a job that I have yet to complete. I view payment as a reward for having done my job well and to the best of my abilities and honestly it's uncomfortable for me to have any part of that payment in my hands before my services are complete. Unless we've agreed to otherwise (and I do make exceptions from time-to-time based on the circumstances), you pay me in-full at the conclusion of the event.

I realize my policy is highly unusual and can give potential customers reason to pause, but please have faith in it. It's worked quite well -- for both me and my clients -- for over three decades now. My business is built on years of positive reputation and referrals generated by being dependable and on-time, giving 100% effort, and meeting -- and hopefully exceeding -- client's expectations.


What makes your Bose sound system special?

Aside from it's light weight and portability (that's a big deal to an old DJ/MC ha! ha!), the Bose L1M2 audio system is a true marvel of audio engineering. Bose has built it's storied reputation for incredible audio clarity through its patented direct-reflexive sound technology, which the L1M2 system employs to the max. Instead of hitting the listener square in the face like a traditional loudspeaker, the L1M2 system literally envelopes the room in sound, making it ideal for guests on the dance floor as well as those trying to carry-on a conversation at their table.

Do you carry backup equipment?

Yes. While I typically run both of my Bose L1M2 audio systems at most events to provide independent left & light audio channels ("stereo" sound), one L1M2 system is powerful enough to fill most venues, meaning one system essentially backs-up the other. In situations requiring the setup on only one Bose system, the other is always on premises available for use if needed.

Additionally, my smaller Peavey Escort system is with me on many occasions when ceremony music is required, and provides yet another backup if needed for my primary Bose systems.

Music is played off two Dell, Windows 10 laptops running OTS AV software. One laptop serves as the "primary" unit, while the other serves as the "secondary" unit to quickly keep the music going should the primary unit experience a software or hardware failure.

My ceremony will be in a field, a good distance from electrical power. Is there a way to still have music and microphones?

Yes! Thanks to one of the greatest inventions of all time -- my Honda EU2000 Super-Quiet Inverter Generator. This suitcase-size engineering marvel allows me to provide music on BOTH my Peavey Escort sound system for ceremonies and my two Bose L1M2 Audio Towers for receptions virtually anywhere! It's incredibly fuel-efficient, running for over eight (8) hours on one gallon of gas and is quiet enough to be used in almost any outdoor ceremony/reception setting.


How will you be dressed for my wedding?

Inside in a Ballroom or Conference Center-type setting, I'm almost always in my tuxedo. If you're going to be front n' center in a room full of people, ya gotta look the part. Outdoors in a more "rustic" or less climate-controlled setting like a barn or under a tent in 95+ degree heat, I'm still often in a tux, but it may be a jacket, tie, button-down shirt, and slacks depending on circumstances, weather conditions, and the wishes of my bride & groom. Under extreme conditions -- outdoors, in the winter, with temps in the upper 30's, you may get this...

Do you take breaks, and if so, do we pay for them?

I get asked this occasionally, and I have to admit to getting a bit of a laugh every time I do 😉

Bands take breaks. DJ/MC's don't. At least they shouldn't. But I get asked that question often enough to deduce that some DJ's somewhere do. Honestly, I'd be rather embarrassed to even ask for one!

The exception is when I'm providing music/microphone support for the ceremony and for dinner and dancing later, but the bride & groom have a live musician (usually a keyboard or string player) perform during the cocktail hour in-between. I'm happy to "take a break" from playing music during the cocktail period, but I'm generally still working -- coordinating with other vendors, and preparing for Introductions, Toasts, and Dinner immediately following the completion of pictures. So please plan to pay me during that time because I'm never really taking a break! The bottom line?... Once I'm "on the clock", I'm "on the clock".


Do you offer karaoke for weddings?

Not if I can help it LOL! Honestly, I'm NOT setup for it, and besides... there's no better way of killing a wedding reception than giving a slightly tipsy relative the microphone and center of attention to watch her belt-out the latest Taylor Swift song off-key 😉 You're better-off saving the karaoke for the after-party at the hotel bar.

That said, I'm delighted to provide a microphone and recorded accompaniment for a talented relative or friend singing the First Dance, one of the Specialty Dances, or an important request from the bride & groom during the reception.

We’re stumped. Can you supply us a list of popular songs for the Bride-Father and Groom-Mother Dances?

Yes. I'm happy to provide you suggestions for those dances. You can also get great ideas online at wedding websites such as...

Wedding Wire

The Knot

and a variety of others.