Great Music Mix

Dancing. Fun. Memories that last a lifetime. It all starts with The Music...


Ending the night "West Virginia" style!


Dancing the night away at the Northern Virginia Electric Co-Op Holiday Party in Fairfax, VA, December 2017.

When I look-out over the guests and attendees at the vast majority of events, I see folks of all ages and backgrounds, and -- by extension -- musical tastes. You want your guests engaged, personally connected to your event, and sharing a common experience with those around them. No better way to get them on the dance floor and make that a reality, than by giving them a wide-variety of great music! For dancing, that includes everything from today's Top 40 / Mainstream Radio / Dance / Country Hits, to 90's & 80's Classics, all the way back to 70's, 60's, & 50's Oldies and even 40's Big Band/Swing. Depending on the setting and audience, it may even include Pennsylvania polkas or ethnic styles such as reggae, salsa, merengue and bachata. My extensive digital music collection includes all of those and more. All music is legally obtained, with current music arriving via my monthly POOL Audio Silver download subscription to the Promo Only professional music service.

I tailor the dance music to each individual event by working with my clients to carefully assemble "Play" and strict "Do NOT Play" lists. The songs in my music libraries are all "radio edits", meaning NO profanity or vulgar lyrics (although the subject matter often is what it is!). I'm happy to play music provided by my clients, but will respectfully decline to play anything NOT suitable for my audience -- which often includes younger children and parents/grandparents. My business is built largely on a great reputation for common sense, knowing my audience, and playing music appropriate for the occasion 🙂 Music is always presented at volume levels comfortable for both dancing and conversation.

I also work closely with my clients in selecting just the right music for cocktails and dinner. The right music typically compliments the cocktail and dinner segments of your event rather than dominates, as it does when we crank-up the energy to dance and celebrate. For cocktails, I often suggest lite instrumental music or soft easy-listening. My philosophy is that if guests notice the music during cocktails, it's probably not good cocktail music 🙂 Dinner represents a perfect opportunity to play many of the "classics" that may not get played later during dancing... Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Bublé, etc. Other suitable options exist, however, to match client tastes and expectations.

When called-upon to provide music for wedding ceremonies, I'm equally comfortable playing traditional, classical-style music or selections for more contemporary and/or country tastes.