Why Choose Me?

Nothing says "experience" like a Second Generation Wedding! With Emily & Zack Layhew at their July 30, 2016 wedding at Green Grove Gardens in Greencastle, PA. I also served as the DJ/MC for her parents John & Lisa Everson (left) at their wedding on November 26, 1988.

When planning your wedding or event, you're faced with many decisions. One of the most important is, "Who do we put in charge of making certain that our event runs smoothly and that everyone has a great time?" Your DJ/MC can be a "maker" – or a "breaker" -- so choose wisely. Professional DJ/MC's all have access to a fairly wide-variety of music, so success often comes down to other intangibles, all of which are critical to the success of any DJ/MC...

♦ Experience -- On the day of your wedding or significant event, NOTHING is more important than having experience on your team. I bring almost 40 years of planning and performance experience to each event, be it a wedding ceremony & reception, anniversary, birthday party, or company picnic. No two events are alike. Each has specific requirements needing a variety of skill-sets. Having done hundreds of wide-ranging events over the years, I know what works, what doesn't, and how to approach each individual event to ensure success. My job is not only to preside over a great party and a fun time, but also to provide my clients the insights, advice, and knowledge to make informed decisions and their overall experience the best it can be.

Posing with the Celebrations Catering staff at Cortland Mansion in Hagerstown, MD following our November 17, 2017 wedding. These folks bring great service and outstanding food to every event we do together!

♦ Relationships -- With experience comes the relationships I've developed over my 35+ years in the wedding and mobile event industry. Those personal relationships -- established over many years of interaction -- allow me to work seamlessly with many of the region's top venue coordinators, photographers, videographers, and caterers. Experience also make it easy for me to form a quick rapport with new vendors to make certain we're working together as a team to insure your event's success. I always welcome the opportunity direct my clients to top-notch professionals in all of the services required for their specific event.

♦ "Stage Presence" -- You either have it... or you don't. "Stage presence" doesn't mean being the clown in the circus, drawing attention away from the "main event" (in the instance of a wedding, that would be the bride & groom!). Rather it means the combination of personality, style, timing -- and in this instance voice -- that allows me to smoothly direct the event as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) and establish myself to your guests as the person who will not only entertain them musically, but also keep them informed and updated on what they need to know to make their experience the best it can be. While the music plays an important role, my services as your MC can not be overstated. Whether its a wedding reception or company holiday party, the event simply runs smoother, is better organized, and is a heckuva lot more fun when it's well-coordinated by a professional Master of Ceremonies with a command of the room. And I'm THAT guy 😉

♦ Common Sense -- I'm almost embarrassed to have to mention this one, but I've discovered over the years that it's often sorely lacking and DJ/MC's are no exception. I hear the horror stories from brides and grooms -- often about a relative's or friend's wedding... "I can't believe the DJ at my sister's wedding played (insert name of song with a four letter expletive) in front of her, my parents, and all of our guests!" Another instance is unfortunate timing -- cutting the cake while the Mother of the Bride is out of the room -- often due to a lack of experience, planning, and common sense on the part of the DJ/MC and/or photographer. So as much as it pains me to say it, part of what you'll be paying me for is something that should go without saying 🙂 And that "paying" part brings me to the last thing...

♦ Value -- My services -- while not inexpensive -- represent an outstanding value for your investment. Value is not just monetary. It's also in the time, commitment, and dedication to keeping promises, and giving 100% effort to make your event a great success and one to remember!