It all started February 11, 1978 in the Old Gym at Berkeley Springs (WV) High School with a couple of borrowed turntables, a powered mixer, and two speakers. The FHA Sweetheart Dance. My buddy Dave Williams and I spinning records and nervously doing our best to entertain our classmates. My first time ever behind the mic, playing music in a room full of dancers... and potential critics Everyone seemed to have a good time, so we couldn't have been that bad!

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The Events I Do

Wedding ceremonies and receptions have been my primary focus for almost 40 years now. There are other special occasions though where my DJ/MC services play an important role... Anniversary/Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Non-Profit Events & Fundraisers, Etc.

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Why Choose Me?

When planning your wedding or event, you're faced with many decisions. One of the most important is, "Who do we put in charge of making certain that our event runs smoothly and that everyone has a great time?" Your DJ/MC can be a "maker" – or a "breaker" -- so choose wisely. Professional DJ/MC's all have access to a fairly wide-variety of music, so success often comes down to other intangibles, all of which are critical to the success of any DJ/MC...

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